Buddha’s Blessings from Buddha Gaya is now available online. bring Mahabodhi Temple Buddha Gaya close to you and connect you to deliver your Prayers,Worship & Offerings to Buddha’s main temple – The Mahabodhi Temple & Tree Complex.

Our Holy Monks will visit personally , for you specially, for your booked prayer,worship rituals and offerings to perform your worship at Mahabodhi and we share #”Live Pictures & Videos” with you.



Exclusive holy monk
visit temple for your

You don’t pay anything extra – We pay for your order to a monk – Your Order will help a Monk


Flower Plate Offering

The Holy Monk will carry a Flower Plate for you , as an offering to Buddha


Silk Cloth For Buddha Statue

Offer silk clothing for Mahabodhi Buddha statue


Prayer under Bodhi Tree for your health , prosperity & peace

The Holy Monk offer a prayer under Mahabodhi Tree for your Health , prosperity and Peace


Flower Decoration of Cankamana

Buddha spent weeks walking steps near Bodhi Tree. Offer Special Flower Decoration.


Your Printed Name Card/ Photo/ Family Photo

We place your offering with your “name Card” / Photo / Family Photo for blessings


Photos and Video Recording of the Event

We click photographs and make video while the holy monk performs the worship for you to share.







Prayers at mahabodhi online

I could not believe such devoted and low cost service to offer prayers to Buddha.More power to the team.

Achara S

Amazing service in Buddha Gaya for Thai People

I planned to visit Buddha Gaya to seek blessings this summer , but due to virus situation our flight got cancelled and we were very sorry and was missing this holy tour.Then we came across this service to send your picture with monk to mahabodhi temple buddha gaya with flowers and offerings. I am now happy that at least i can recieve the blessings online anytime now with this service. Thank you praytobuddha team.

Bhante Mahpana

Send your prayer to seek Mahabodhi Bodhgaya Blessings

In these toughest time for the mankind has started this services as blessings to Buddhist who cannot visit mahabodhi to seek blessings from Lord Buddha.My best wishes to the team for the innovative and amazing idea.

Tashi M

Amazing Service

Namo Buddha ! This is an excellent service started by this website for sending our prayers to the holy mahabodhi temple in Buddha Gaya. Blessings to the team ! May Buddha provide more prayers and services